08 Oct

KKC Philippines 2nd Batch Feeding Activity

On 19th day of September year of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, we conducted again a survey for the beneficiaries of the feeding ministry (KKC International – Philippines) at Bayanihan Village, Barangay Sta. Elena, whom most of the residents were victim of the Typhoon Sendong last December 2011.

Last September 26, 2015 the feeding ministry of the City Church Of Praise conducted again a feeding activity for the second time in the same venue in Bayanihan Village, Barangay Sta. Elena, but with another set of beneficiaries (children). Before we started the activities we gave honor to our LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST by praising and worshipping HIM through our voices, the prayer was led by one of the member of the KKC International – Philippines, an energetic servant of the Lord Bro. Jemar Orpeza (the cook).

The actual activities followed the plan as we discussed during our meeting before we conducted the feeding activity. First, we made verification of each child’s name from our survey data, then we checked their vital signs such as; weight, height and body temperature. T-shirts (colour blue) were also distributed which they wore during the entire activities. After that, they proceeded to their respective rooms as we classified them by age level. Unfortunately, out of one hundred beneficiaries (children) that we invited and listed during our survey, only half of them were present during the actual activity maybe due to the up coming festivity celebration of Iligan City (we concluded that because of the festivity celebration, half of children weren’t able to joined the feeding activity).

Meanwhile, the respective volunteers also conducted their assigned tasks, the “Gospel Story Team” led by Sis. Kristine Noemie Mainar, a modest and bookworm leader (discussing more on salvation story), “David Dance Team” led by Sis. Richelle Baguasan, a simple and humble leader (various action songs), and “Rapport Play Team” led by Sis. Xylone Apostol, a fantastic and purest leader (various group game play).

Simultaneously, the parents of the children were also gathered in the other room and shared with the good news of salvation for nurturing the spiritual aspects of their lives, and it was conducted by one of the members of KKC International – Philippines, Sis. Marjorie Orpeza, a restless and blissful mother of City Church Of Praise together with Sis. Fely Angot, an intense and caring mother. While Sis. Shella Ramos, an undisputed and down-to-earth mother, and Sis. Melly Cabutaje, a supportive and dynamic mother, ushered and attended the parents that were present during the feeding activity.

As overall account, the September 26 feeding activity of the Kingdom Kids Club International – Feeding Ministry of the City Church Of Praise in full cooperation with the KKC – Iligan team and with our military partner, the 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion and partners from abroad, was generally successful. Glory and honor belongs to our Lord JESUS CHRIST who authored and blessed our ministry. SHALOM! SHALOM! SHALOM!